Never Ending Post

Rules: 1. Start at Wikipedia Simple English with one key word (topic). Copy down a few facts. Choose a second key word. 2. Use the Google search engine to find a site with the second key word. Choose a third key word. Keep repeating! The Ideal Post: Skips around from topic to topic. Demonstrates different search strategies (e.g. Google images, Google news, maps) or certain types of sites (e.g. digital encyclopedias, dictionaries).

Wikipedia s. e. : pet

A pet is a domesticated animal that lives with people. Usually a pet is kept to entertain people or for companionship.


Wikipedia s. e. : rodents

Most rodents are small. Rodent gnaw a lot with there tooth. Continue reading

I Got The Gold Box

fdgDuring the week end I had 30 min. to play on the computer. That time I played tanki online inserted of minecraft. I was playing with the M1 Isida (a turret), M1 Wasp (a hull) and Mary (a paint) as you can see at the left bottom and my rank was first sergeant as you can also see at the right top of my image. I was playing in the map Brest when suddenly I herd a police siren (just to tell you there is no police.) I looked at the top of my screen it said Gold box dropping soon (a gold box is what you see at the top middle of my picture and when you get a gold box it usually give you a 1000 crystals and some times more.) With crystals you can buy stuff. So I pressed the Q key on the key board to look at my tank from the top. That way I can see the sign (that you see at the top left of my picture) more easily (that sign means were the gold box will fall.) I continued to move when I saw the sign. I moved right on to it. I waited a little when I started to panic. There was a Thunder (a turret) chasing a Shaft (a turret.) They both passed beside me. I was afraid that they would go on top of and take the gold box ( that’s what i would of done) but luckily they didn’t see the little par of the sign that was sticking from under my tank. I pressed the Q key again (I had pressed the E key for normal once I had found the sign) and saw the the gold box was falling by parachute above my tank. About 4 seconds later it was at 1 mini meter from my thank and it faded away I looked at my crystals, I had got 1000 crystals more! Me and my brother started to scream. So that was the story of my first and only time yet I got the gold box. 🙂

Just to tell you my user name is r_jjnic0